27 Unique Gift Box Ideas (You Wish You Knew About Sooner) In 2021

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Gift Box Ideas

When you get someone an individual item as a gift, you end up rolling the dice. Unless they absolutely love the present, there’s a decent chance it will go unused. However, there is a solution to increase your odds of picking out a winning gift.

Gift boxes have become popular as corporate gifts because they come with so many different items. This ensures that even if each individual thing isn’t necessarily a homerun, something in the box is going to hit the mark.

“68% of people say having received a memorable business gift strengthened their relationship with the business that gave it” — Packed with Purpose

Gift boxes are also easy to personalize and make anyone who receives one feel like they’re getting VIP treatment.

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To give you the jump on this VIP-level corporate gifting, we’ve put together a list of 27 unique gift box ideas for 2021.

Browse through our HR pro-approved picks to find something your employees, coworkers, or clients are going to fall in love with!

27. The Summer Vacation Box

“For working vacations”


The Summer Vacation


The Summer Vacation Box is the perfect assortment of great gifts for that easy breezy working vacation. Equipped with the Asobu Urban, the Everyday Sunglasses, Laguna Flip Flops, and a unisex vintage tank top, your employees or coworkers will be ready to kick up at the beach, work in the sun, and go with the flow.

Best For: Employees

Price: $40+

Learn more here: The Summer Vacation Box


26. Sips + Snacks

“For pleasurable business”

Sips+ Snacks

This charcuterie style snack box is a fine dining experience neatly packed into a perfect-for-employees package. Sips + Snacks comes with wine, healthy snacks, and other productivity tools for making business pleasurable. And of course, this snack box is delivered straight to their homes or any address you’d like.

Best For: Employees

Price: $57.95 to $61.95

Learn more here: Sips + Snacks


25. The Elite Pack

“For elite swag”

The Elite Pack

Feeling fancy are ya? Well, The Elite Pack is a great luxe gift package for the top employees and coworkers. This gift package is worthy of the best among your company. The Elite Pack includes a hardcover moleskine notebook, the French Terry Bomber Jacket, a vintage wooden box, insert cards, and the JBL Clip 3.

Best For: Clients

Price: $179..01

Learn more here: The Elite Pack


24. Apothecary at Home

“For witchy remedies”

Apothecary at Home

The Apothecary at Home is the herbalist’s handy dandy DIY kit for deepening their human-plant connection. Every box features dried herbs and other medicinal ingredients, art prints, easy-to-execute recipes, study guides, and seeds for growing.

Best For: Employees

Price: $34.98/mo

Learn more here: Apothecary at Home


23. Maid Of Honour

“For weddings”

Maid Of Honor

If you happen to know an employee or a coworker has their special day coming, the Maid of Honour gift basket is perfect for helping them celebrate. These keepsake wedding boxes include makeup bags, tall personalized glasses, vanilla scented candles, a sleek notepad, a framed poem in gold foil, and a rose gold pen!

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $17.45+

Learn more here: Maid Of Honour


22. Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

“For soothing vibes”

Maid Of Honor

The Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set is the ultimate spa gift for spoiling your clients with fragrances and intoxicating scents. These essential oil-infused candles are made with anxiety-reducing, natural ingredients like white sage, lemon & lavender, jasmine & sandalwood, and much more. The soothing properties of the Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set are an incredible way to boost the good vibes around the home office.

Best For: Clients

Price: $65

Learn more here: Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set


21. Mindfulness Box

“For keeping a clear head”

The Mindfulness Box is a lifestyle-enhancing gift box for employees and coworkers to help them reach their objectives and have fun in the process. These custom curated care packages feature the MiiR 20-ounce Tumbler, the eco-friendly Karst Stone Pocket Journal, a stress ball, nutritious snacks, a team mindfulness activity, and a gel pen for taking beautiful notes.

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Mindfulness Box


20.  “Mini” Witness Request Box

“For celebrating win-wins”

“Mini” Witness Request Box

The “Mini” Witness Request Box is the perfect gift for big ballers and the clients you value most. This customizable gift box comes with Jack Daniels, pastis or rum, mignonnette of limoncello, a mignonnette of artisanal syrup, cotton flower heart soap, a lavender pouch, gourmet foods and goodies, a cigar for celebrating big wins, and many other celebratory treats.

Best For: Employees

Price: $18.72+

Learn more here: “Mini” Witness Request Box


19. Workday Wellness Pack

“To get them through the day”

Workday Wellness Pack

The Workday Wellness Pack is an assortment of de-stressing self-care items and accessories. Your employees and coworkers will love jamming out to the PowerBuds, staying hydrated with the Milk Bottle, staying comfortable with the neck wrap, and feeling special when they receive the custom mailer box.

Best For: Employees

Price: $65.38

Learn more here: Workday Wellness Pack


18. Holiday Cheer

“To be absolutely spoiled”

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer is the delectable, uber delicious dessert box for clients, coworkers, and employees. Besides, who doesn’t love incredible gourmet treats? A peppermint crunch chocolate bar, two melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate brownies, a small batch of handcrafted white cheddar and salted caramel popcorn, and dark chocolate + pecan coffee toffee complete this super sweet assortment.

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $35

Learn more here: Holiday Cheer


17. Date Night In A Box

“For dates without planning”

Date Night In A Box

Date Night In A Box is the complementary date night in a tidy package. Every date includes delicious snacking and mixers, restaurant level menus, scene setting accessories, and absolutely zero planning on the part of the recipient.

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $38.67

Learn more here: Date Night In A Box


16. The Onboarding Kit

“For making newcomers smile”The Onboarding Kit

The Onboarding Kit is the swag-tastic collection for welcoming new hires to the team. This swag box for employees features an eco-friendly mask, a cotton tee, the Sip & Go Bottle, custom knit socks, die cut stickers, a soft touch pen, a moleskine hardcover journal, and a custom mailer box.

Best For: Managers

Price: $87.39

Learn more here: The Onboarding Kit


15. Auramore

“The natural air purifier”Auramore

This air purifying kit guarantees better air quality, which is exactly what employees and team members need as they work from home. The Auramore comes with 4 tillandsia air plants, a set of hanging accessories, a kraft gift box, 4 assorted sea urchin shells, and instructions on how to tend to the low maintenance plants. The extra cool thing about air plants is that they don’t require any soil and actually absorb their nutrients and water from the air.

Best For: Employees

Price: $24

Learn more here: Auramore


14. The Couch Potato Box

“For the activity disinclined”

The Couch Potato

The Coach Potato Box is the perfect swag box for those who simply want to relax and who, frankly, probably deserve it. Between a camper mug, a cozy blanket, custom socks, and covered pretzels and nuts, they’re bound to be the epitome of a satisfied employee.

Best For: Employees

Price: $146+

Learn more here: The Couch Potato Box


13. Coffee Gift Box Set

“For a fresh brewed start to the morning”

Coffee Gift Box Set

The Coffee Gift Box Set is the perfect gift for hardcore coffee lovers. These sun-dried, hand-roasted gourmet coffees provide amazing flavors from around the world straight to the office or the doorstep!

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $34.99

Learn more hereCoffee Gift Box Set


12. Unplugged Box

“For aiding mental health”


Know an employee who deserves to unplug? Perfect! The Unplugged Box is the rejuvenation subscription box replete with a deck of playing cards, a coffee & cedarwood candle, a gradient puzzle, an enamel mug, nutritious snacks, and a wellness activity.

Best For: Employees

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Unplugged Box

11. Gourmet Dinner Party

“For the host or hostess with mostest”

Gourmet Dinner Party

The Gourmet Dinner Party is the ultimate dinner experience in a box. These gourmet delights include rustic flatbread, artisan garlic and ginger salami, savory artichoke & caper bread dip, pepper-infused extra virgin olive oil, barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, French grey sea salt olive oil flatbread crackers, vanilla and sea salt goat milk caramels, and much more.

Best For: Clients

Price: $115

Learn more hereGourmet Dinner Party


10. Holidayagram

“For memory’s sake”


The Holidayagram is the personalized decorating package that delivers on everything employees need to make their space work and life ready. This thoughtful gift is great as a Christmas gift, birthday gift, and even a Mother’s Day gift.

Best For: Employees

Price: $37.33

Learn more here: Holidayagram


9. Build Your Own Custom Box

“For totally custom employee appreciation”

Swag in a Box

Build Your Own Custom Box is the completely customizable gift box for employees. What we love so much about this personalized care package is that it can be focused entirely on business, pleasure, or strike a balance between both.

Best For: Employees

Price: Depending on the items inside the box

Learn more here: Build Your Own Custom Box 


8. Super Snack Box

“For a super charge of energy”

Super Snack Box

The Super Snack Box is the perfect snack box for boosting employee wellness. With an assortment of top health brands, this nutritious collection of snacks provide clean fuel for your employees’ systems to help them crush the day!

Best For: Coworkers

Price: $38.95 to $46.95

Learn more here: Super Snack Box


7. For The Virtual Conference

“For remote work”

For The Virtual Conference

For The Virtual Conference couldn’t be named any more accurately. This thoughtfully curated virtual event package comes with premium French roast coffee, citrus and vanilla black tea blend, all-natural passionfruit strips, a Belgian chocolate brownie, a deep grey enamel mug, and a velvet softcover notebook for all those lengthy conference notes.

Best For: Employees

Price: $48

Learn more here: For The Virtual Conference


6. Thank You Spa Much

“To wind up and wind down”

Thank You Spa Much

Thank You Spa Much sounds like just about everything a client could want. That’s because this client appreciation gift box has several unique items like 3 lavender essential oil bath bombs, organic coconut beeswax lip balm, goat milk and essential oil soap, French lavender bath salt, a hand-poured lavender soy candle, and a free gift massage. Plus, every item is made from 100% natural , GMO-free ingredients.

Best For: Clients

Price: $69.95

Learn more here: Thank You Spa Much


5.  Be Happy Pop-Open Cards

“For an old fashioned gesture”

Be Happy Pop-Open Cards

Be Happy Pop-Open Cards celebrates the big moments with 30 pop-open cards that feature space for personal notes and inspiring quotes.

Best For: Employees

Price: $15.25

Learn more here: Be Happy Pop-Open Cards


4. Shaker & Spoon

“For raising spirits with spirits”

Shaker & Spoon

The Shaker & Spoon is a unique gift box idea for playing bartender in the comfort of home. Now your client can host dinner parties and the coolest cocktail parties around. This DIY gift comes with the proper ingredients to formulate 12 drinks based on 3 different recipes.

Best For: Employees

Price: $40

Learn more here: Shaker & Spoon


3. The Recovery Box

“For relaxation and rejuvenation”

The Recovery Box

The Recovery Box is designed for rejuvenating and picking up employees after a long, hard week of work. The Petite Bliss Plant and diffuser clean the air, while the massage ball alleviates muscle soreness.

Best For: Employees

Price: $180+

Learn more here: The Recovery Box


2. The Movie Night

“It’s showtime”The Movie Night

Lights, camera, snack-tion! Movie Night is a unique gift box idea for anyone that loves getting lost in a cinematic experience. This high quality pack includes a fleece jogger, a bamboo soy candle, a mug, an Ischia Turkish towel, and a W&P popcorn popper along with a custom mailer box.

Best For: Clients

Price: $105.24

Learn more here: The Movie Night


1.  Happy Hour Box

“For parties of one and more”Happy Hour

The Happy Hour Box is an excellent ice breaker and an even better way of putting a pause on work for a few. This happiness boosting box comes with a party horn, a W&P cocktail kit, a 12-ounce wine tumbler, hyper nutritious snacks, a personalized card, and much more.

Best For: Employees

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Happy Hour Box


People Also Ask These Questions About Gift Box Ideas:

Q: Who can I send a gift box to?

  • A: You can send a gift box to employees, coworkers, clients, and prospective clients who you might meet at a trade show or at a virtual conference.

Q: Can I send a gift box for work?

  • A: Yes, in fact it’s quite common to send a gift box for work. Usually, these gift boxes help increase productivity or are at least designed to assist with employee satisfaction.

Q: Why should I send a gift box in 2021?

  • A: Sending a gift box in 2021 makes more sense than ever considering that employees are increasingly remote and spread apart. This means, of course, that it takes extra effort to build culture and make employees feel recognized.

Q: How much does a gift box typically cost?

  • A: A gift box typically costs in the range of $25 to $100 — depending greatly on its contents, of course.

Q: What should a corporate gift box include?

  • A: A corporate gift box should include items that will make the recipient feel special. This could range from custom swag to something as simple as a gift card. Other common items in corporate gift boxes include succulents, lip balm, bath bombs, bath salts, and personalized gifts.

Q: How can I personalize a gift box?

  • A: Fortunately, many companies like Swag.com, Amazon, SwagUp, and Etsy allow you to personalize a gift box and they deliver it straight to the recipient’s door.

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