29 Best Snack Gift Boxes To Satisfy Every Taste Bud In 2021

Tuesday, April 20, 2021



The average adult has between 2,000 and 4,000 taste buds.

It also happens that every tongue is unique — kind of like a fingerprint. So how do you get snacks that will make everyone happy?

The short answer: Snack gift boxes.

Snack gift boxes provide variety, which all but guarantees there’s something each individual will enjoy. For example, maybe one employee or coworker loves protein bars, while another likes chips, and yet another likes cookies.

Well, a snack gift box can satisfy all three of them. Not to mention a fully-loaded box of snacks is a great way to recognize employees for exceptional work. It’s no secret recognition is a key part of successful businesses. According to a recent study,

“37% of employees consider recognition the most important factor in job satisfaction.”

To help satisfy every taste bud in 2021, check out this carefully curated list of the 29 best snack gift boxes!

Best Snack Gift Boxes

1)  Mindfulness Box

“For a mental boost”     

Mindfulness Box

The Mindfulness Box is the delicious, nutritious, activity-packed snack box for optimizing work life balance!

Why we love it: This healthy gift box features a stone paper pocket journal, a 20-ounce tumbler, a vibrant gel pen, a stress ball, a team mindfulness activity, and a variety of snacks like ginger chews and dark chocolate bars from the top snacking brands around!

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Mindfulness Box


2) Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

“For easy-as-pie baking”    

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

The Fresh Baked Cookie Crate is the monthly subscription box for people who love baking. Every month, your coworkers, friends, or employees will get pre-measured, hand-crafted ingredients to make their own gourmet masterpieces.

Why we love it: This mess-free cookie care package is put together using locally sourced, natural ingredients for easy-as-pie baking.

Price: $24.99/mo

Learn more here: Fresh Baked Cookie Crate


3) A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe

“A flavor-filled good deed”  

A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe

A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe is the sugary sweet snack box for distributed teams, the hybrid workplace, and those incredible clients who deserve a kind gesture.

Why we love it: If outrageously delicious and crunchy cookies, tantalizing pretzels, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and many other delectable treats weren’t enough, A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe also supports small batch and minority artisans, along with women overcoming poverty.

Price: $80

Learn more here: A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe


4) Basic Snacks

“For anything but basic flavor”     

Basic Snacks

Basic Snacks is a personalized snack gift box for professionals and anybody you’d like to spoil!

Why we love it: Basic Snacks is anything but basic. This tasty food care package features trail mix, dried mangos, peanut butter pretzels, banana chips, yogurt pretzels, wasabi peas, and much more. It also comes with a personalized gift message for you to write anything you’d like on a postcard, which will make the recipient feel extra special.

Price: $34.99

Learn more here: Basic Snacks


5) The Good Life Gourmet

“To give taste buds the buddy treatment”  

The Good Life Gourmet 

The Good Life Gourmet is the high-life packaged into an artfully curated snack box!

Why we love it: Sweet and savory snacks like sausages, cheeses, and sweets make this charcuterie-style food gift box the perfect way to show love and appreciation to coworkers, friends, employees, and others. In fact, The Good Life Gourmet offers the quality needed to be suitable for everything from retirement parties to work promotions.

Price: $58

Learn more here: The Good Life Gourmet


Corporate Snack Gift Boxes For Employees 

6) Gourmet PB&J Essentials Box

“A side of nostalgia without the crust”   

Gourmet PB&J Essentials Box

The Gourmet PB&J Essentials Box is an homage to childhood with flavors that will make the recipient giddy with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Why we love it: Gourmet PB&J Essentials Box features three jars of small batch twists on the OG PB&J recipe. Some examples of these upscale variants include Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Chai Spice Peanut and Almond Butter, Smoked Peach Jam, Apricot, Riesling and Vanilla Jam, Strawberry Grapefruit Honey Jam, and — lest we forget to mention the classic — Purely Peanut Butter.

Price: $91

Learn more here: Gourmet PB&J Essentials Box


7) Happy Hour Box

“The virtual happy hour care package”   

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour Box is the entertainment pack employees, coworkers, and friends will relish!

Why we love it: This virtual happy hour box is perfect for bonding over delicious healthy snacks and drinks. The Happy Hour Box comes with a 12-ounce wine tumbler, a cocktail kit, a party horn, and a variety of tasty goodies.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Happy Hour Box


8)  50 States of Mine

“A national treats tour in a box”  

50 States of Mine

50 States of Mine is a gift box with goods from different 5-8 states every month!

Why we love it: Whether you get your peaches down in Georgia or you get your oranges from the Sunshine State, there’s something for everyone in this travel-themed care package.

Price: $45/mo

Learn more here: 50 States of Mine


9) Edible Extravaganza

“For extravagant snacking”   

Edible Extravaganza

Edible Extravaganza is a mouthwatering assortment of celebratory treats! Whether you’re gifting for client appreciation, a work promotion, or a company party, the Edible Extravaganza will live up to the occasion.

Why we love it: This sweet and savory snack gift box features goat milk caramels, chocolate-coated organic almonds, raspberry-flavored gummy fish, dark chocolate espresso beans, chocolate peanut butter popcorn, vanilla and citrus black tea, chocolate nonpareil candies, and many other game changing goodies!

Price: $205

Learn more here: Edible Extravaganza


10) Signature Nuts & Cheese Box

“Because it’s absolutely nutty to pass it up”

Signature Nuts & Cheese Box

The Signature Nuts & Cheese Box is the snack sampler your work buddies have been missing for all of their corporate lives.

Why we love it: Pairing alcohol and nuts is an ancient tradition, however, this snack box features an underrated couple — masterfully crafted cheeses and kettle-cooked nuts. Smokey Whiskey Almonds, Maple Pecans, Salted Cashews, Sharp White Cheddar, Bruschetta Monterey Jack, and Cheddar Bacon will captivate clients, customers, or whoever you choose to bestow this nutty goodness upon.

Price: $ 39.95

Learn more here: Signature Nuts & Cheese Box


Healthy Snack Gift Boxes 

11) Organic Raw Nuts

“For an extra nutty time”      

Organic Raw Nuts

Organic Raw Nuts is the nutrient-packed raw and roasted nuts snack box!

Why we love it: Every gift package is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO for completely organic snacking.

Price: $32.48

Learn more here: Organic Raw Nuts


12) Middle East Snack Sampler

“Taking you along the Spice Routes”    

Middle East Snack Sampler

The Middle East Snack Sampler is a regional tour of the Middle East carefully curated into one super neat snack box!

Why we love it: These snacks are hand-picked by an Iraqi woman to provide the best flavors from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and much more. Each box comes with 20-23 pieces, including about half a dozen candies and cookies, nearly a dozen gum and mini candies, 4 tea packets, instant noodles, zaatar, dates, pistachios, and other treats.

Price: $34.99

Learn more here: Middle East Snack Sampler


13) My Keto Snack Box

“A metabolic masterpiece”   

My Keto Snack Box


My Keto Snack Box is the guilt-free snack box that allows for serious eating, serious energy, and serious results!

Why we love it: My Keto Snack Box features 8-12 ketogenic and low carb snacks each month. Every snack is sugar-free, yet insanely delicious.

Price: $38/mo

Learn more here: My Keto Snack Box


14) Gluten-Free Healthy Treats

“For a healthy gut and a healthy life”  

Gluten-Free Healthy Treats  

Gluten-Free Healthy Treats is the happiness-boosting, healthy snack box that supports animal welfare, fair trade, and much more!

Why we love it: This nutritious gift box features a real raspberry seed-based bar, a wild blueberry and pistachio granola bar, passionfruit strips, dried mango, sweet and spicy trail mix, olive oil plantain chips, and cinnamon fruit and nut snack bites.

Price: $54

Learn more here: Gluten- Free Healthy Treats


15) Unplugged Box

“The perfect gift for going screen-free”    


The Unplugged Box is the rejuvenating care package to show appreciation to clients, coworkers, employees, partners, and friends. The idea behind this partner appreciation box is that it will help people set the laptop aside and enjoy themselves — and boy, does it deliver.

Why we love it: The Unplugged Box comes with a gradient puzzle, a deck of playing cards, an enamel mug, a rejuvenation activity, amazing snacks, and a coffee and cedarwood-scented candle.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Unplugged Box


Birthday Snack Gift Boxes 

16) SnackSack

“For custom diet snacking”


The SnackSack is the thoughtfully curated mix of 11-15 unique snacks picked for their standout flavors!

Why we love it: Between the classic, vegan, gluten-free, and vegan + gluten-free themes, there’s a perfect plan for every kind of snacker. The SnackSack can be enjoyed solo or shared, which makes it a great birthday gift box to kick off the party.

Price: $24/mo

Learn more here: SnackSack


17. Try Treats

“For a world tour of treats”  

Try Treats

Try Treats is the answer to the question of how a person can taste a little bit of everything the world has to offer — literally!

Why we love it: Each month, Try Treats sends more than five treats from a random international country. It’s like taking your taste buds on a magic carpet ride around the planet.

Price: $11.95

Learn more here: Try Treats – International Snack


18. Snacks + Coffee Box

“For a buzz and a crunch”   

Snacks + Coffee Box

The Snacks + Coffee Box offers something for coffee lovers and a little extra for snack lovers!

Why we love it: This energizing snack gift box features a dozen snacks, including bars, chips, sweets, jerky, gourmet ground coffee, and much more. For every box purchased, Caroo also donates to families-in-need through Feeding America.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Snacks + Coffee Box


19. Individually Wrapped Goodies

“Melt-in-your-mouth goodness”

Individually Wrapped Goodies

Individually Wrapped Goodies is a divine tasting snack gift box for birthdays!

Why we love it: This flavor-filled fantasy takes your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or employees to paradise. Award-winning sea salt and vanilla goat milk caramels, a dark chocolate chip bar, melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate brownies, protein-packed graham cracker bites, and much more ensure long-lasting snacking for the birthday person.

Price: $72

Learn more here: Individually Wrapped Goodies


20. Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

“For DIY deliciousness”    

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit is the saccharine sweet DIY chocolate gift for anyone in and out of the office!

Why we love it: This do-it-yourself appreciation gift helps employees, coworkers, and executives make sweet treats in their own kitchen. French dark chocolate morsels can be melted via stovetop or microwave and customized by adding a pinch or two of any combo of ingredients. The Truffles Kit comes with a thermometer, two bags of dark chocolate chips, organic cocoa powder, coconut flakes, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

Price: $38.50

Learn more here: Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit


Holiday & Christmas Snack Gift Boxes 

21) Worldwide Treats Inc

“A vacation in a box”   

Worldwide Treats Inc

Worldwide Treats Inc is an internationally-themed monthly subscription snack gift box to scratch the travel itch!

Why we love it: You’ll be given four plans to choose from: Worldwide, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Every single box features 8 or more bold treats to take taste buds on a flavor adventure they won’t forget. Worldwide Treats is the perfect holiday gift!

Price: $22/mo

Learn more here: Worldwide Treats Inc


22) Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

“For the perfect flavor combo”   

Gourmet Peanut Butter CupsGourmet Peanut Butter Cups is an assortment of small-batch Belgian chocolate peanut butter cups in a variety of flavors.

Why we love it: Creamy peanut butter filling mixed with dark, milk, and white Belgian chocolate makes this one of the best snack gift boxes for holidays and Christmas. Flavors include original, Oreo, dark sea salt, pretzel, PB&J, and hazelnut.

Price: $30

Learn more here: Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups


23) Spread Some Cheer

“For winter wonderland delights”    

Spread Some Cheer

Spread Some Cheer is the holiday snack gift box with all the best wintery delights — however, this sweet lover’s treat is great year-round!

Why we love it: With two melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate brownies, a peppermint crunch chocolate bar, southern-style dark chocolate pecan and coffee toffee, salted caramel and white cheddar popcorn, this festive care package will indeed spread some cheer and lift the giftee’s spirits!

Price: $35

Learn more here: Spread Some Cheer


24) Amplify Box

“For diversity, empathy, and inclusion”
Amplify Box

The Amplify Box is the snack box for supporting women-founded, people-of-color-founded, and black-founded brands.

Why we love it: This wholesome food gift box features 12 ultra-healthy snacks, a lined paper notebook, a scented candle, and a 12-ounce package of medium roast whole bean coffee.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Amplify Box


25) European Cookies

“A tasting tour of Europe”   

European Cookies

European Cookies feel like your taste buds are skiing the Alps, ferrying through the Venice Canals, and people watching outside of the Parisian cafes all at once!

Why we love it: This holiday-themed snack gift box features 15 decadent Belgian chocolate-covered cookies. European Cookies is perfect for client appreciation, employee recognition, major work celebrations, and college care packages.

Price: $47.50+

Learn more here: European Cookies


Delicious Snack Gift Baskets 

26) The Gourmet Choice

“For upscale dining”    

The Gourmet Choice

The Gourmet Choice is the perfect snack gift basket for charcuterie lovers! With a full spread, anyone who’s lucky enough to receive the Gourmet Choice is going to be just as thrilled as their taste buds as they indulge in one bite after another.

Why we love it: This delicious gift idea comes with Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolate, smoked Gouda cheese spread, cracked peppercorn crackers, a chocolate brownie, cookies, and much more to satisfy cravings.

Price: $54.95

Learn more here: The Gourmet Choice


27) Marshmallow of the Month Club

“For a smore than satisfying snack”    

Marshmallow of the Month Club

Do you remember how much fun it was to make smores over the campfire? That’s just one of many snack ideas your friends and coworkers can implement with the Marshmallow of the Month Club.

Why we love it: Each month, they’ll get half a dozen pescatarian-friendly marshmallows with graham crackers and a chocolate delight. Additionally, the giftee will receive cocoa, coffee, and curated teas.

Price: $20

Learn more here: Marshmallow of the Month Club


28) Felt Picnic Set

“For relaxing in the sun”   

Felt Picnic Set

The Felt Picnic Set is a nine-piece picnic set to add flourish to any meal!

Why we love it: The Felt Picnic Set is particularly good for digital nomads and remote employees because they can take full advantage of picnicking outdoors. It includes an acrylic sheep’s wool felt picnic cloth, a baguette, two strawberries, a fig, a brie wheel, a bunch of grapes, and brie slices.

Price: $48

Learn more here: Felt Picnic Set


29) Sips + Snacks

“A bistro in a box”

Sips+ Snacks   

What happens when you combine snacking and wine? The Sips + Snacks Box is a fine dining experience disguised as a snack box.

Why we love it: With wine and charcuterie-style treats packaged together, the partner, client, employee, or coworker who gets this gift is going to be beyond satisfied as they sip their way to happiness. As a bonus, Sips + Snacks also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Sips + Snacks


People Also Ask These Questions About Snack Gift Boxes

Q: What makes a good snack gift box?

  • A: A good gift snack box offers a wide variety of snacks and flavors, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Remember, some people like dried fruit, others like milk chocolate or cheese gifts, and then some are strictly into gourmet foods. A snack box is a gift set that works for all of them.

Q: How do I order snack gift boxes for employees?

  • A: A number of companies make the process of ordering snack gift boxes for employees easy. The important thing is to ensure they can be ordered in bulk.

Q: How much should I pay for a snack gift box?

  • A: A snack gift box can range from $25 to $100+ dollars. How much you pay for a snack gift box largely depends on the type of recipient.

Q: What are the best snack boxes for delivery?

  • A: The best snack boxes for delivery are going to be items that won’t perish if there are any shipping delays or the distance the box has to travel could take a number of days.

Q: How can I personalize snack gift boxes?

  • A: Many companies make gift box personalization incrededibly straightforward. Be sure to look up “custom branded gifts.”

Q: How can I deliver snack gift boxes in bulk?

  • A: Delivering snack gift boxes in bulk can be a simple process depending on the company you use to fulfill the order. The important thing is to find the right snack gifting company.

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