29 Hand-Selected Employee Gifts They’ll Rave About In 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Great gifts go a long way towards keeping employees happy.

Fortunately, there are loads of opportunities to give presents and experiences to employees. Whether you’re looking for something appreciation day, a work anniversary, or just a regular, everyday chance to say “thanks,” the perfect morale-boosting gift is out there.

“40% of employed Americans would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.” — Harvard Business Review.

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In addition to upping employee retention, rewarding employees for their efforts is proven to be a simple yet effective way to massively improve engagement. 

The key is making sure that the gift entertains, helps with their productivity, or does a bit of both.

That’s why we put together a list of gift ideas your employees will absolutely rave about.

Browse this fun collection of 29 carefully curated gifts to find the right one to put a smile on your employee’s face!

29. The Thank You Pack

“As a show of thanks”

The Thank You Pack

The Thank You Pack is the convenient assortment of feel-good items to show employees you see all the amazing things they do. This simple care package can be customized to top it off!

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Thank You Pack comes in a mailer bag and includes die cut stickers, insert cards, Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate, and custom knit socks for added comfort.

Price: $25.91

Learn more here: The Thank You Pack


28. Bamboo Wine Case Set

“For eco-friendly cheer”Bamboo Wine Case Set

Is it grass? Is it a tree? What we do know is that bamboo is apparently the perfect wood for a wine case set! This durable, yet stylish home accessory is a great idea for employees who happen to have a taste for fine wines.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Bamboo Box comes with a metal latch closure and handle for sturdy handling, a corkscrew, foil opener, a stopper, and a pourer. Additionally, you can inscribe the pad print with a customized message or logo.

Price: $32.41 to $60.13

Learn more here: Bamboo Wine Case Set


27. Mindfulness Box

“For conscious living” 

Mindfulness Box

The Mindfulness Box is the wellness gift box for maximizing happiness and good vibes. In fact, it’s filled to the brim with everything employees need to thrive.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Mindfulness Box delivers on the premium promise of making lives better with featured items such as the Poketo vivid gel pen, a stress ball, an eco-friendly stone paper pocket journal, the MiiR 20oz Tumbler, a stress ball, a team mindfulness activity, and nutritious treats and snacks.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Mindfulness Box


26. Local Foodie Tour

“For traveling the world one bite at a time”

Local Foodie Tours

The Local Foodie Tour allows your employees to get a taste of cuisine from around the world all from the familiarity of their own city.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Whether they’re craving Korean barbeque, delicious vegan food, or tacos and handmade margaritas, there’s a good chance they’ll find it in their own backyard.

Price: $32.41 to $60.13

Learn more here: Local Foodie Tour


25. Culinarie Kit

“For harm-free meals”

Culinarie Kit

The Culinarie Kit is the top subscription box for home chefs — and for teaching your employees to cook like one. This is the perfect DIY gift box for anyone who enjoys whipping up amazing meals in the kitchen.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Culinarie Kit exposes the recipient to new ingredients, flavors, and gourmet spices. In fact, it’s purported that this is the only animal product-free cooking subscription box out there!

Price: $47.49/quarter

Learn more here: Culinarie Kit


24. Notes From A Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Notebook

“For good office humor”

Notes From A Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Notebook

We can all relate to this hilarious title. If you’ve ever experienced an unnecessary meeting, then you know exactly what’s going on here. This notebook is a great corporate gift to keep things light and infuse the company culture with a healthy dose of silliness.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Notes From A Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Notebook has 118 crisp white pages held together by a metal spiral for easy page removal and a sophisticated aesthetic. Plus, it comes with an interior storage pocket.

Price: $10

Learn more here: Notes From A Meeting That Should Have Been An Email Notebook


23. Fitbit Inspire 2

“For all-around health”

Fitbit Inspire 2

Physical and mental wellbeing go hand in hand. The Fitbit Inspire 2 helps to give your employees the proper peace of mind by tracking their movements and encouraging them to push towards their goals one step at a time.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? This fitness gift for employees comes with more than 20 calorie tracking exercise modes, a 24/7 heart rate monitor, an REM Sleep Score to check the quality of sleep, and a free Fitbit Premium trial to give personal insights and guidance.

Price: $83.93+

Learn more here: Fitbit Inspire 2


22.  Tea Maker To  Go

“For keeping it chill”

Tea Maker To Go

The Tea Maker To Go is the brilliantly designed loose leaf tea mug. Simply place tea leaves in the lid strainer compartment and let it slowly infuse the beverage with flavor. Double-walled stainless steel also ensures your employees can keep their drinks as hot or cold as they’d like for up to six hours.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Tea Maker To Go is small enough to pack in a backpack or to carry in a purse and it’s leak-proof, so there’s no need to worry about spills.

Price: $35.50

Learn more here: Tea Maker To  Go


21. Unplugged Box

“To zen out”


The Unplugged Box is the WFH box to help employees dominate their day!

What makes this a great gift for your employee? This employee productivity pack includes a fragrant coffee & cedarwood candle, an enamel mug, a deck of playing cards, a rejuvenation activity, a gradient puzzle, and highly nutritious snacks from premium health food brands.

Price:  $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Unplugged Box


20. Que Bottle

“For employees on-the-go”

Que Bottle

The Que Bottle is the collapsible water bottle for digital nomads and employees in need of compact traveling. The spiral bottle can be reduced in size by two.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Que Bottle is BPA-free, plastic-free, leakproof, has a wide enough mouth to fit ice cubes, is 100% food-grade silicone, and only weighs 5 ounces!

Price: $20

Learn more here: Que Bottle


19. Desk Organizer

“So everything has a place”

Desk Organizer

The Desk Organizer is a great retirement gift, work anniversary gift, and a gift for any day in between. This laser engraved wooden desk organizer can be personalized with a custom logo, quotes, verses, poems, or a message of appreciation.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Desk Organizer is 10.5 x 11-inches, which means there’s plenty of room for keys, phones, wallets, electronics, and other accessories.

Price: $52.48

Learn more here: Desk Organizer


18. American Cocktail Club

“For part time master mixologists”

American Cocktail Club

Fancy yourself or a certain employee to be a cocktail lover? The American Cocktail Club is a premium cocktail subscription box stocked with everything needed to make professional cocktails.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Each month, this alcoholic corporate gift box comes with 4 carefully curated servings approved by top mixologists from around the United States. The ingredients are all-natural, low sugar, and they all work in combination with each other. For example, La Fiesta Cocktail, one of the drinks you or your employee could make from the ingredients, is as simple as pairing ACC Watermelon Mojito with fruit soda and tequila!

Price: $40.99

Learn more here: American Cocktail Club


17. Money Tree

“For cleaner, greener indoor air”

Money Tree

The Money Tree is a low maintenance indoor plant — or five plants artfully braided into one tree. All the recipient has to do is water weekly with 6 ice cubes!

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Money Tree is the perfect home office gift for coworkers because it cleans the air and adds a hint of the outdoors. Additionally, the pachira money tree is said to bring wealth and good fortune to its owners.

Price: $23+

Learn more here: Money Tree


16. Happy Hour

“For smiles, sips, and employee satisfaction”

Happy Hour

For virtual celebrations, look no further than the Happy Hour Box. This party-starting care package is sure to add joy and perhaps a nice buzz to the day.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Happy Hour Box includes the W&P Cocktail Kit, a party horn, a 12-ounce wine tumbler, a team icebreaker activity, a greeting card, and health snacks packed with equal amounts of crunch and nutrition.

Price: $48.95 to $57.95

Learn more here: Happy Hour


15. Grin Leather

“For creative note taking and doodling”

Grin Leather

Grin Leather is a customizable journal designed to protect photos and help employees write their memories and keep them safe.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? This rustic leather journal is made with genuine leather and a choice of either blank kraft paper or lined white paper. For employees with an artistic side, they’ll likely love the kraft paper.

Price: $32.90+

Learn more here: Grin Leather


14. Respyre

“For holistic health”


It’s no coincidence that Respyre sounds like respiratory. This set of wellness teas supports health in every system of the body.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Each month, this employee wellness package comes with two loose leaf teas and a different theme for each box: de-stress, digest, immunity, sleep, detox, and much more. The overarching theme, however, always boils down to health and wellness.

Price: $11.99/mo

Learn more here: Respyre


13. Plush Textured Blanket

“For warmth and comfort”

Plush Textured Blanket

Whether in the thick of winter or in the cool of an office, the Plush Textured Blanket is useful all year long. This soft, handmade blanket is fully hemmed and 100% polyester.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Plush Textured Blanket is also customizable with free embroidery, so your company logo could be easily added to it.

Price: $7.63 to $11.77

Learn more here: Plush Textured Blanket


12. Tectle

“To hold your pretty plants”


The Tectle is the eco-friendly planter specially designed to brighten up home offices. This decorative plant holder is perfect for cacti, flowers, succulents, and other small plants.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Tectle is 3-D printed and made of sustainable materials. It is possible to customize the Tectile for an extra cost.

Price: $42

Learn more here: Tectle


11. Patio Garden Seed Starter Set

“For easy-to-grow gardening”

Patio Garden Seed Starter Set

The Patio Garden Seed Starter Set enables indoor and outdoor gardening via an all-in-one, step-by-step kit. Seed packets, seed markers, soil bags, biodegradable pots, and instructions make growing everything from radishes and tomatoes to carrots and chives super easy.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Simply place the box lid on a window sill or the sunlit spot around the house, water appropriately, and then transfer the tiny plants into larger containers.

Price: $24.3

Learn more here: Patio Garden Seed Starter Set


10. Workday Wellness Pack

“For striking a good balance”

Workday Wellness Pack

The Workday Wellness Pack is all about giving employees things to relax and boost productivity in one thoughtfully curated gift box.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Workday Wellness Pack features a soothing neck wrap, a milk bottle, PowerBuds for listening to music and for taking calls, and a mailer box with custom tape on which you can print your company logo.

Price: $65.38

Learn more here: Workday Wellness Pack


9. Superfood Smoothie Bombs

“Time-saving deliciousness”

Superfood Smoothie Bombs

The Superfood Smoothie Bombs is a batch of pre-prepared smoothies! Yes, that’s right — seriously. All your employee needs is a blender, a banana, and any milk of their choosing to mix with these smoothie bombs. Each bomb is chock full of nutritious, flavor-boosting ingredients like organic raw cacao, goji berries, maca, ashwagandha, and organic spirulina.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Each tube comes with five “bombs” filled with vegan-friendly, gluten-free ingredients. In fact, many of the bombs are even catered to a specific flavor like Peanut Butter, Super Greens, Super Berries, Raw Cacao, Vanilla Hemp, and Iced Coffee.

Price: $14

Learn more here: Superfood Smoothie Bombs


8. Snack Box

“For custom snacking”

Snack Box

The Snack Box is the versatile food gift box that allows you to select an assortment of incredible health treats for your employees.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? The Snack Box can be shipped right to your employee’s front door and can be ordered with a range of 15 to 150 snacks in each box.

Price: $24.95 to 29.95

Learn more here: Snack Box


7. Fire Tablet

“For reading, apps, and jamming out”

Fire Tablet

The Fire Tablet is the perfect tech gift for employees. With all-day battery life and wireless charging, they’ll enjoy up to half a day web browsing, reading, and listening to music.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Your employees can indulge in anything from Instagram, Netflix, TikTok, Hulu, and LinkedIn on the Fire Tablet. Additionally, they can stay on schedule with video calls, email, grocery lists, and reminders via integrations with Outlook, Evernote, and Zoom among other programs.

Price: $109.99

Learn more here: Fire Tablet


6. Sugar Cookie Set

“For a super sweet tooth”

Sugar Cookie Set

The Sugar Cookie Set is the ideal food gift box for dessert lovers. This yummy package includes 12 supersized, extra fresh cookies covered in white chocolate — and each cookie is decorated with your company logo!

What makes this a great gift for your employee? To take the customization to another level, choose between pink, white, yellow, orange, blue, green, rainbow, and black sprinkles and add your logo to the gift box sleeve as well.

Price: $35.41 to $48.13

Learn more here: Sugar Cookie Set


5. International Meal Kit

“For foodies”

International Meal Kits

The International Meal Kit is an international food tour in a box. Your employees can choose from 16 dishes ranging from pad Thai and ramen to Indian butter masala.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? With scarce ingredients and meals curated by pro chefs from cultures far and away, the International Meal Kit is more than capable of feeding and satisfying up to four people.

Price: $35.99/mo

Learn more here: International Meal Kit


4. Go Glamping

“For the luxe and fabulous”

Go Glamping

Blueboard curates incredible culture-building experiences for employees! From home cooking classes to scuba certifications, there’s an idea for every kind of employee.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? Go Glamping brings the recipient into nature with the perks of home comfort.

Price: $36.35

Learn more here: Go Glamping


3. DIY Ice Cream

“Ice cold flavors for the cool, calm, and collected”

DIY Ice Cream Kit

DIY Ice Cream comes with 1 ice cream scoop, 4 red cups, 4 spoons, chocolate sprinkles, crushed Graham crackers, and rainbow sprinkles.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? This do-it-yourself ice cream kit has fully customizable packaging, so you can imprint your company logo and select from a number of colors for the box.

Price: $14.99

Learn more here: DIY Ice Cream


2. Virtual Murder Mystery

“For mystery lovers”

Virtual Murder Mystery
The Virtual Murder Mystery is the online team building activity for globally distributed teams. Participants can join from anywhere on the planet. Outback’s video conferencing gives teams the tools they need to analyze clues, examine the case files, and strive to do their best Sherlock Holmes’ level of detective work.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? As remote teams work together to solve the who, why, and how behind Neil Davidson’s murder, they’re sure to have a blast and build deeper relationships.

Price: $26

Learn more here: Virtual Murder Mystery


1. Sips + Snacks

“To sit back and relax”

Sips+ Snacks

Sips + Snacks is the super soothing snack gift box for super employees to wind down and relax.

What makes this a great gift for your employee? With white and red wine to wash down tantalizing snacks, Sips + Snacks will energize and then relax employees at the end of the work day.

Price: $57.95 to $61.95

Learn more here: Sips + Snacks


People Also Ask These Questions About Gifts For Employees:

Q: What makes a good gift for employees in 2021?

  • A: A good gift for employees in 2021 is something that reflects the radical pandemic shift towards teams being globally distributed. That could be a virtual experience or anything that brings team members together. Other gifts for employees often include gift cards, gift baskets, coffee mugs, key chains, office supplies, power banks, and monogram bags.

Q: How much should I spend on an employee gift?

  • A: Employee gifts can range in price from roughly $25 per employee on the lower end to hundreds of dollars, depending on the nature of the business you’re in and whether it’s likely you’ll see some form of return on that investment. After all, remember to always think about employee gifting as an investment because they do pay dividends in human capital.

Q: Can I send gifts for employees in bulk?

  • A: Yes, you can send gifts to employees in bulk through companies that specialize in bulk orders. Often times, these vendors will give you a test product to observe the quality of the bulk gift before submitting the entire order. They’ll make sure to give you all the details to make sure your bulk gift order goes as smoothly as possible. For some ideas to send gifts for employees in bulk you can explore our curated list here.

Q: Can I personalize gifts for employees?

  • A: Yes, you can personalize gifts for employees. A personalized gift can often be more memorable then just something you find in a store or online. Knowing the person you are gifting for and giving them something that they will truly appreciate will go a long way in their mind. Personalization is definitely an option you can keep in mind when exploring gift resources.

Q: What is an affordable gift for employees?

  • A: An affordable gift for employees largely depends on your budget, however, it’s important to make sure that the gifts you get your employees are high quality, useful, and add value to their lives. Expect to spend $25 per employee on the low end.

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