Do You Know If Your State Prefers Sweet Or Savory Snacks?

Friday, October 28, 2016

It’s a debate as old as time itself…kind of. Sweet or savory? Sugar or salt? Candy or chips? Some people would always go for something sweet, and others always crave savory. But how does it really break down across the country? We decided to find out.

sweet or savory

Sweet Or Savory: What Did We Find?

The Top Savory And Sweet States Were All Over The Place!

There weren’t any particular patterns in the states that preferred sweet vs. savory snacks the most. You might have expected the Southern states to rank at the top of the list of states that liked sweets, but North Dakota and Vermont both topped the list! In fact many Southern states leaned more on the savory side.

There Wasn’t A Clear Preference For Sweet Or Savory Across The U.S.

Looking at all the data, the country was almost split straight down the middle when it came to sweet or savory preferences – savory barely edged out sweet at 54% of the state preferences.


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