Green Tea: Great for Western Diets

Monday, July 31, 2017

Green Tea

green tea

The compound epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea works in wonderful ways. In a study, this

compound has reduced the development of insulin resistanceobesity, and memory impairments in mice fed a high-fat, high-fructose diet. An article published by Medical News Today details this amazing property of green tea. I have rounded up the main points int his blog post.

Green tea is one of the most commonly consumed beverages across the globe, largely due to its associated health benefits. New research offers yet another reason to drink this popular beverage, after finding that it could help to combat the negative health implications of a Western diet.

Studies have indicated that a Western diet may raise the risk of cognitive impairment.


Scientists conducted research with mice to verify how the compound EGCG combats Western diet.


At the end of the 16-week study period (studying with mice), as expected, the mice fed the HFFD had gained more weight than the control group. However, the weight gain was much less severe for mice whose HFFD was supplemented with EGCG.

The researchers found that mice fed the HFFD plus EGCG spent longer in the target quadrant than the mice fed the HFFD alone.

Future Projections

While human trials are needed to confirm these findings, the researchers believe that EGCG not only has the ability to reduce the development of insulin resistance and weight gain in response to a Western diet, but it could also protect the brain.

To our knowledge, this study is the first to provide compelling evidence that the nutritional compound EGCG has the potential to ameliorate HFFD-triggered learning and memory loss.”

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